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Li-poly batteries to power more smartphones this year

2013/8/23      view:

According to EnergyTrend, a research arm of TrendForce Corp., mobile phone products will drive a new wave of model upgrades, propelling lithium-polymer batteries to its familiar glory back in last year. As for the notebook market, affected by the introduction of new models in the weak sales season, components such as lithium battery cores showed flat pricing for the month.

The popularization of smartphones was undeniably a highlight of the handheld device market last year, noted the market research firm. Furthermore, mobile phone batteries have gradually evolved from prismatic lithium-ion to thin and light lithium polymer. Although li-poly battery cost is not low due to high levels of customization, with appropriate power management and protection ICs, cost can be maintained within a reasonable range. In the future, internal batteries will be used in lieu of replaceable batteries, but consumer reaction and acceptance remains to be seen. Internal li-poly battery penetration rate is estimated to increase from three percent to more than 15 percent this year.

li-poly battery forecast

A recent forecast pegs the penetration rate of lithium-polymer batteries to increase from three percent to more than 15 percent this year.

As the February release of new standard notebook models has been postponed, cylindrical cell demand is flat. While many ultrabooks were released in 4Q11, due to high levels of customization, the newest models will not hit the market and stimulate a new wave of hardware demand until March at the earliest.