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China’s rapid growth in lithium-ion battery industry

2013/8/23      view:

The world's lithium-ion battery industry over the past few years development, the basic shape of the pattern of Japan and South Korea third of the world. China, South Korea, Japan, in lithium-ion battery market competition can be said to be distinctive, one-third of the world pattern will be maintained for quite some time.

The rapid rise of China and South Korea Lithium-ion batteries from Sony in 1992 by starting the commercialization of the world's lithium-ion battery industry basically dominated by the Japanese world, in 2000, before the battery production in Japan accounted for more than 95% of the world. In recent years, with the rapid rise of China and South Korea, Japan stood out the pattern has been gradually broken, and the Japanese lithium-ion battery market share has fallen to the present less than 70% of the world's lithium-ion battery industry in Japan and South Korea third of the world's pattern has been formed.

China: is rapidly growing up Difference with South Korea, China has been the world's battery manufacturing power, the current battery production and exports are highest in the world. However, lithium-ion battery industry in China is growing up rapidly in recent years. China's lithium-ion battery industrialization began in late 1997, have gone through an independent research and development to learn from the introduction of the industrialization of the road. In 2000 years ago, lithium-ion battery industry is basically the edge of the stage to explore the introduction of edge. Entered since 2001, with the Shenzhen BYD, Banke and science and technology lithium-ion battery company's rapid rise, China's lithium-ion battery industry has begun to enter the fast-growing stage, the output of an average annual growth of more than 140%. In 2002, China Li-ion battery production will be further raised to 270 million global market share of over 20%. The next 2 years -3 years, with BYD, BAK, B & K, force God, Universal, Guangyu the expansion of production scale, China's lithium-ion battery industry will continue to maintain an average annual growth rate of over 30%.

In addition, China has a production capacity of lithium-ion battery-scale enterprises such as Guangyu International, Hepburn race (Universal Group), Wuhan Li Xing, Aucma new energy sources, also is fast to grow up.

In the lithium-ion polymer battery and power the industrialization, China has also taken the forefront in the world. Xiamen Baolong industry, the country with independent intellectual property rights of lithium-ion polymer leading enterprises, at present more than 500,000 per month, and is building capacity of 3 million / month of new production lines. Another polymer battery manufacturer TCL of the monthly payment can scale up to 30 million. Power batteries, CITIC GuoanMengguli with an annual output of 5 million when the battery power capacity, an annual output of 30000 150Ah lithium-ion power batteries Beijing broad battery company, is investing in building an annual output of 300,000 150Ah battery power The new plant, while the world's advanced level and independent intellectual property rights in Shenzhen Lei days of green power source the company's lithium-chromium fluoride solid power battery products, including 10Ah-500Ah six kinds of specifications of products, has successfully entered the international market, in a variety of electric bicycles, motorcycles and buses has been applied in 2002, the company's motive power output of 12 million Ah, 2003 annual production increased to 20 million Ah.