3.7V/750mAh Li-ion Polymer Battery for R/C Model

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  • Brand:    Starnovo
  • Type:    SNO-902540H25C
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SNO-902540H25C With Connector and PCB Embeded

 Model: SNO-902540H25C
 Type:  Li-ion Polymer Battery Pack
 Capacity: 750mAh
 Nominal voltage:  3.7V
 Max discharge(continuous/peak) current:  20C(15A)/24C(18A) 
 Max charge current:  1500mA
 Pack dimension:  9 x 14 x 45mm
 Weight:  20g
 Internal impedance (20°C±5°C):  ≤250mΩ
 Connector(Discharge):  JST-SYP
- Available for R/C Model, portable computers, video cameras, portable DVD player, two-way radios and POS
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